Some random comments from those who have signed our petition...

Thanks for your efforts.

The tolls have to go! If Algiers wants to keep the ferries...then let them pay more for them. $4.00 a trip is fair. Toll payers spend more than that on gas sitting in traffic. It's time "everyone" stops supporting the convenience of a "few" commuters.

Keep your promises...or never be given our trust again! Say No to Tolls! We have paid our share.


Thank you

Needs to end. Why do i have to pay to go to the city?

I support getting rid of these unfair tolls!

Please continue the updates and keep us informed. We all know it is about paying for the new and/or existing ferries.

I want it to stop as of yesterday!

Please Stop The Tolls

I work on the Westbank, most of my family lives there. Its a shame the tolls are not fixing the streets. They need to be stopped, its no longer necessary.

Toll causes ridiculous traffic in the morning.

This report says it all. Over_the_River.pdf Thank you . The tolls better expire, but if not, the citizens will manually remove them themselves in a few months.

I too am tired of paying tolls i work in New Orleans and live in Harvey since may 1997

We want the tolls off now!

We have had enough! The promise from our elected officials to remove the tolls have been broken. The ferries were never mentioned as part of our payments on the bridge. If the ferries cannot sustain their existence without toll money, then it is time to support them through State highway funds as other State ferries are funded. Ferries are too expensive to run unless a private entity wants to take them over and charge people to ride, for a profit. As someone who knows and understands the cost to maintain and operate River vessels-ferries are just to inefficient to operate. Unless they are to be used as a "tourist attraction" and paid for with "private funds" they should be eliminated.

The people on the Westbank were told that the tolls would be removed in December 2012 when the bonds were paid off. We were lied to by our politicians. Most of the task force and some of these same politicians want to keep the tolls to operate the ferries. They are very expensive to operate and obsolete. If you want to ride the ferry then you pay for it, don't expect it to be subsidized by people not using it.

The people of the Westbank have been unfairly taxed for long enough! Take the tolls off!!!

Not only is the toll an unfair tax, collection practices causes long lines, thus causing many workers to be late for work. Unethical practices, illegal use of funds, outdated camera system and lawsuits should be enough to sound the alarm to StopTheTolls!



stop the tolls

I can also help put out yard signs in Algiers, pay for my sign, etc.

The tolls need to end!

Can I assist in starting a "BOYCOTT THE TOLLS" campaign? Please contact me.


STOP THE goddammed TOLLS!


I'm disgusted that OUR ELECTED representatives don't have the guts to stand up for the people that put them in office. We are constantly being lied to... enough is enough... stop the tolls. If that means the ferry service stops too, then so be it.

The tolls are set to expire November of 2012. The only way that it would continue is if legislature takes action. Why would they take action if 100% of the citizens want to do away with tolls? It makes no sense. The traffic would flow smoother and it would save us all money in an already difficult economy.

Please end the madness or at least reserve the left 3 lanes for easy flow of traffic. This is ridiculous.

Tolls = extortion.

Stop the tolls as promised. It is an UNFAIR burden on the people of the Westbank of Jefferson Parish.

the bridge should already be paid for

I was born and raised on the Westbank moved to Diamondhead for better schools a few years ago. my husband still commute there for work. Please stop the tolls

Tolls must go away. If any Reps or Senator vote for renewal they must go also.

can't afford the tolls. taking food from my kids


I believe in paying for what I use. Therefore, I am not one of those who oppose any tolls. The toll was needed to build the bridge. Now that the bridge has been built, the cost of maintenance should be folded into the state budget as every other state road.

Thanks for the petition !

send me several signs to put in different locations please!

Please send me any information you have on the toll tag issue. I have had a toll tag for approximately ten years. This extra expense is really getting to me.

Stop the Tolls as promised.

I totally agree the tolls should be removed. They have served the purpose they were started for so that should be it. It also creates extra traffic for morning & evening commuters

Those toll systems was just for the new bridge. It is not for the ferry or people to retired on. Why can't the people vote on this?

Stop the tolls

If the original tolls were voted on. Why isn't the renewing of the toll put to the people to vote on?

The toll bridge needs to go its been go long that they have been killing us with charges

We the people of the Westbank has paid for the bridge plus more. The monies that are collected is going to other Louisiana roadways

$80.00 was stolen from my toll tag bank!!! Stop the tolls ASAP .. let the thieves and thugs work elsewhere....

If we have to keep paying tolls the people who cross the ferry should have to pay a toll also.

Stop the CCC Tolls! Stopping to pay the tolls congests traffic and slows economic production for working class, people in transit, and business people. The toll tax does not need to be renewed, and funds can be allocated for bridge maintenance ONLY, if absolutely necessary, from a mailed bill or something not requiring people to stop & pay a toll/tax.

the tolls have been on the bridge WAY too long. It is an unfair drain of a Westbank resident's finances. We are discriminated against and it has to stop. The original reason for the tolls has been completed. DO NOT PRETEND TO NEED US PAY FOR OTHER PROJECTS.....

Thanks for all you do .

The bridge is paid for. Where is the money going? Stop corrupt Orleans politics and end the tolls.

Stop all tolls on all bridges, the casinos are sucking up citizens money.......use that money for all tolls!

It is time to end the tolls. Those who travel the bridge every day (sometimes more than once a day) have paid for the bridge construction, which is what the purpose was. It is not our fault that the governing body over the system did not wisely spend the money and now need more....NOT FAIR!!! I cannot attend the meeting tomorrow night but DISAGREE with extending the tolls. The state needs to do its part and absolve the toll collections.

these tolls have been going on way too long. The bridge is paid for now!

rid the tolls!

Remark to the people that think removing the toll will get cause the ferries to go away and then add the 5000 cars that the ferries carry each day and further increase the morning and afternoon traffic: Ferries can only handle a finite amount of cars at one time no matter bad traffic is. Even if the ferry can hold 100 cars every 30 min trip, that means the ferry carries 3 cars every minute. An additional 3 cars per minute on the bridge will not put dent in the traffic condition. Remark to the people that say tolls can't go away because there will be no funds to pay for the bridge: There are hundreds of small and large bridges in the state that don't have tolls so why the CCC? Some people say it's not fair that someone in northern LA should pay for the CCC but why should normal CCC commuters pay for bridges in northern LA? It should be fair. If CCC commuters have to pay for bridge tolls then commuters of other bridges should pay tolls for the bridge that they use. If they don't have to pay tolls for their bridge then CCC commuters shouldn't have to pay tolls either.


Was implemented to pay for the bridge and it's been paid ten times over!!!!!!

Please discontinue the tolls. We have paid for the Bridge.

Stop taking from Peter to pay Paul. The ferry traffic should support the ferry service. Those not using the ferries should not be subject to the costs and the constant delays caused by the tolls. I do not believe the slight increase in day-to-day traffic would even compare to the boost received from removing the tollbooths.

It's past due, the tolls need to go!

the tolls were to pay for the construction of the bridges, period. Now that that has been accomplished, it is unfair double taxation on people of the west bank to have to continue to pay tolls in infinity for endless arbitrary and questionable purposes. If allowed to continue, there will be an endless list of other "needs" we will be told these tolls need to used for. STOP THE TOLLS NOW!

The tolls need to be discontinued as promised. Mainly because the bridge is paid for, the money now collected is being mismanaged, and the increase in population on the Westbank has caused major traffic problems on the bridge. If the tolls are suspended I believe this will improve greatly the traffic situation.

We agreed to the tolls with the understanding they would be removed when the bridge was paid for! We are tired of being misled by our government!!!

I sometime cross several time day it is time for it to stop. The traffic in the morning is horrible and needs to be removed

I think its time to stop the madness!!

I don't think people on the Westbank should have to be the only ones paying for the upkeep of the GNO.

I can't say anything that hasn't been said already. We've paid for the bridge and we're tired of the traffic. Fair is fair. Nobody in St. Francisville or Gramercy is paying for their new bridges (that no one uses anyway). No one in Baton Rouge is paying for their bridges. The tolls were removed from the Sunshine Bridge years ago.

From my understanding, the reason for the toll was to pay for the building of the bridge back in the early 80s. We have paid for it at least 3 times over. For the Orleans Parish residents, bad enough sanitation charges have doubled and along with S&WB trying to impose a rate height on us. I think I can speak for the majority, no pay increase just higher insurance, etc. No, take it off and give us a break.

I do not want to pay for ferries I do not use or projects in other parts of the state. Let the state control the bridge along with all the others.

I want to know if the people that voted for ME to pay tolls even live on the Westbank ?????

Enough is enough, give the working person a chance to keep a buck in their pockets.

We have been paying these tolls for many years. You can travel anywhere in the state for free but not on the Westbank side of Jefferson.......I am against this toll.

I would put a sign on my lawn as well as in the front of our commercial building on Barataria Blvd.

Enough waste has occurred.

Stop the unfair tolls to Westbankers. This bridge has been paid for several times over. we pay enough gasoline taxes for roads and bridges

Tolls pay much more than bridge operations & maintenance. They provide the majority funding for three ferries & special police dedicated to the bridge. The tolls also are used for beautification services along the entire Westbank Expressway and some roadways under the bridge. Look at the bridge (rust, paint scaling, chipping, trash colleting on the sides of the roadway, etc.) and look under the Overhead Expressway at the weeds everywhere (gardens, etc.).

I'm sick and tired of paying for something w/o getting anything in return. i.e. Manhattan, and Barataria exits are terrible. The W.B. Expressway gets re-surfaced every 20 years. UNACCEPTABLE

I am tired of paying for tolls while this money is obviously being misused and we are being "threatened" with statements that there will be no funds for ferry operations/maintenance, bridge maintenance and bridge police. All other state bridges, ferries are still operating without tolls. What gives! TOLLS MUST STOP!

For over 20 years, tolls have been collected on the CCC while new bridges have been constructed with no tolls. The CCC is one of the only bridges in the state that have a toll and it's past time for them to be removed.

Tired of the political pet projects, another money grab at its best. Half this money is never accounted for either.

I'll be glad to pay a toll when every other crossing in the state has tolls as well.

If they are not using it on the bridge then they need to stop charging the tolls.

The Task Force made only two errors:1. They completely missed their target of a transition to the tolls ending.2. They assumed that they know how to spend our money. This is much like the liberals who infest the US Congress, deciding what is best for us, 'the great unwashed'.

Stop robbing us!!!!

Also, Contact Bobby Jindal, the governor that doesn't want more taxes and one who didn't keep the cigarette sales tax, but wants to Tax Westbankers with Bridge Tolls (a tax!) ***If the GNO bridge keeps tolls then so should ALL Bridges in the State of Louisiana!

I believe that the tolls need to stop. We should be able to vote on whether the toll should be kept or not.

The only way these tolls should continue is if tolls are placed on every other bridge over the Mississippi. These tolls are used to underwrite the ferries, which should pay for themselves. Bobby Jindal's hypocritical bombast about opposing taxes in all forms is as opportunistic and politically motivated as everything he does. He would not even support the extension of the cigarette tax that everyone else wanted. Where is his thin screeching voice opposing this shakedown of Westbank citizens?

Get rid of the tolls. For all the years I have been paying these tolls we have bought a few more bridges. GET RID OF THESE TOLLS !!!

I dislike having to subsidize the ferries as this is a benefit mostly for those who live within walking distance to the pier, not the majority of others on the West Bank (who must pay a lot of money for parking near the ferry). Those who ride the ferry should pay whatever is necessary for the service to break even. Special interests for Algiers who sat on the committee pushed for keeping the tolls but do not represent the entire West Bank. Shame on them.

The toll fees are unfair. They were originally executed to pay for the new bridge, which is now paid for. So where is this money going? I thank God someone is doing something about this!

i think it's pathetic they are trying to keep the tolls. They have served their purpose, now it's time for them to go.

Just stop them!

too much traffic, causes accidents...


Every week day I cross these bridges and think why are we paying a toll the bridge? With them in such bad shape Maintenance there's none. Wasteful spending plenty of. And not to mention all the promises made to the taxpayers of the Westbank for new and better roads. For 30 years we the Westbankers have funded this misappropriation of our money and it is time it stops no more lie's NO MORE TOLLS Let New Orleans city government pay there fare share.

Frankly, I am tired of paying tolls when the other bridges in the state that cross the Mississippi River don't pay tolls. Why don't the Sunshine bridge and the Luling bridge pay tolls? This amounts to double taxation and nothing more.


I saw in the newspaper that there would be a meeting last night about the Crescent City Connection toll. I am adamantly opposed to continuing the bridge toll, it has far exceeded its original intention and the legislators and bureaucrats do not seem to understand one basic principle, IT IS NOT THEIR MONEY! Has anyone ever done an environmental impact report on how much additional pollution is created by spreading out all of the vehicles, slowing them down to wait in line at the toll booths, then merging back into the normal number of traffic lanes? Has anyone ever calculated the value of the amount of lost time for all of the people who are forced to slow down to wait in line at the toll booths, then merge back into the normal number of traffic lanes? The vast majority of the money collected goes to pay for the bureaucracy that supports toll taking and the ferryboats, not to maintain the bridge. If the purpose of the ferry was to relive traffic on the bridge, it is failing miserably for a number of obvious reasons. The Gretna ferry rarely takes cars at all, and never in both directions. The Gretna ferry does not run late enough to guarantee that it will be available when people get off work. The Gretna ferry does not run reliably enough to even waste time to check on. The status of the ferries online is not reliable If the ferry was shut down and the use of the terminals was leased to a private for-profit operator, there would be some incentive for them to run boats that are appropriately sized for the demand and run at hours that would be convenient for patrons. The current system, of extorting money from people who drive to work to pay for a ferry, provides zero accountability for the quality of service or any need to be financially accountable. Please put an end to this toll.

Tolls are well over due and should be stopped.

Remove the tolls

What's the point?

Stop the Tolls I have more than 22 years paying the tolls.

I don't want to continue paying for toll, if the Westbank got to pay so does the east bank.

we on the Westbank have been supporting the toll for a very long time and we deserve a break.

Those of us that live on the West Bank have paid more than our fair share of the tolls, not to mention have sacrificed a lot of time with the continuous back-up of traffic at the toll booths. Once the tolls are lifted, traffic will FLOW MUCH SMOOTHER! I completely agree with the fact that the Crescent City Connection should not have to continue tolls when no other bridge in LA that crosses the Mississippi River have to pay this.


Westbankers must be willing to travel h.p. Long bridge if tolls remain


good work, !


I think it's unfair that we should have to pay tolls to cross the bridge to go anywhere out of town.

rid the tolls

no more tolls!

tired of these tolls


I worked on the West Bank for 13 years and lived there for 4 after Katrina. It is not fair to tax the people on the West Bank and not the rest of Louisiana.

I think we have being paying tolls long enough. Toll another bridge, there are many others

Discrimination plus. We're the only bridge in the state of that pays tolls. Treat the west bankers equal. Put a toll on Huey P. Long

I cross the bridge every morning to get to work. My family is struggling to pay the bills.

Jams causing me to be late to work and school. Have to take the Huey p when I'm broke, causing more gas and time to get to WORK. If the bridge is paid for WHY am I giving my money away?!

No Toll Please we have paid for the bridge.

Bridge is already paid for

Too much money from the tolls goes to pay the toll collectors. Other states don't use this method. Either there's an electronic card reader, or you throw money into a basket. The ferries should collect auto tolls from ALL drivers. There should be NO EXEMPTIONS for any reason. All passengers, whether on foot, or on bike, should pay a 1.00 from the Algiers side, even if they are only riding back from the Algiers side to Canal Street. You're on the ferry when it leaves Algiers for Canal Street, you pay. No more FREE rides on the ferry.

If the tolls are so important to maintain the bridge, why isn't every bridge in the state tolled?? The Baton Rouge bridge certainly is being maintained. Why is the CCC so different?

The tolls are not being used for upkeep of the c.c.c. Also it is the only Mississippi river bridge in Louisiana that has a toll. No more tolls!!

Stop the tolls as promised! Waste of time money and gas!


No tolls on the C CC. The money is not spent correctly. The people on the West Bank have paid in full for the bridge. Now we would be paying money just to keep the bridge people in a job.

Stop the tolls!!!!

Stop the tolls ASAP

If the CCC is paid for then the toll needs to go!

Bridge is paid for so remove the tolls. A deal is a deal...

They should have stopped a long time ago.

thank you for trying to stop the Tolls

Remove the toll


We pay enough taxes to maintain this bridge.

No more tolls!! It's about time the State did its job and stop counting on the tolls from the bridge to provide additional funding for other projects!!!

No more tolls!

We are the only bridge in Louisiana that charges this Toll. This is ridiculous......Enough is Enough....Politicians Step Up To The Plate and Vote No Tolls...........For the citizens of Jefferson Parish.....

Enough! I have been paying tolls long enough!

It's wrong to charge us this tax and tolls!

I am a student and have to cross the bridge almost every day of the week it is crazy how much money I spend on tolls and how much traffic it causes.

I support Stop the Tolls...

I support Stop the Tolls on the CCC...

Tell the government officials to get out of my pocket. I'm tired of paying them to throw away my money.

Their is no accountability for the toll monies collected. The police vehicles( at least 10) are always parked next to main building. The police on bridge are practically nill.

this is an unfair tax! please stop the corruption and use our tax dollars wisely! Thank you

NO MORE TOLLS!! We are tired supporting the ferries - either raise the fee for the ferries until they are self-supporting or have the State subsidize them. Put tolls on all bridges to pay for projects in their area. Don't make us pay for improvements everywhere but here!

The time has come! Remove the tolls! If it only operates to support the ferries, they need to stop the ferry service or come up with a different way to support the ferries. Tolls Must Go as Promised!

For some reason, I thought the extra funds being collected were to support the Public School system. I bet that didn't even happen, just like the lottery funds were suppose to support give the teachers a pay raise. Do we need to clean out some more politicians?

They are not needed anymore.

Time for them to go. Long over due

I feel I have paid the toll by myself. With 3 children growing up and going to college in New Orleans. I have crossed the bridge as much as 10 times a day. NO ONE IN GRETNA, ALGIERS, TERRYTOWN, or HARVEY should paid one cent for the tolls ever again. Put the tolls on all the other bridges especially the one in Baton Rouge. No one is talking about putting a toll on the Huey Long Bridge. They never needed the money before the bridge why should they need it now that it is paid for.

Toll collection add to congestion and is an issue of safety. Just ask the state of Connecticut that removed all tolls due to accidents and deaths.


This would not happen to Metairie residents. Who is profiting from this, bet a politician.

Stop the tolls. Enough is enough!!!!

The sad part about this is, if the bridge toll is removed, they will bitch and complain to no end that they don't have enough money to fix this and repair that. To resolve this, they will just raise our taxes to make up for it. They need to learn how to cut back like us in this terrible economy.

West bank should not only pay the price for new Orleans workers , we receive nothing in return . Where our bike trails.

Although I do not live in Louisiana any more I am totally against the tolls. Jobs were created just for the bridges and that means salaries, retirement, hospitalization, paid holidays, sick time etc. for employees not needed to collect tolls. The Sam Houston freeway does not have toll collectors and they collect tolls. It's another government ploy to create political jobs.

if it already paid y we still given them money

I feel I should not have to pay to cross the toll. Due to I already pay City, State & Federal taxes. Where is the money going that I pay in taxes to go toward DOTD. I can't get City nor SW&B to decide who is responsible for the repairs to my street outside my door. I live and work in Orleans parish, and the only thing that separates me from home & work in the toll bridge. Why must I have to pay to go too & forth? I feel this is really unfair as a citizen of Orleans parish and taxpayer. Just as the Levee tax I'm been paying for the past 3 years now and don't live by a levee. I demand for the powers to be to STOP the toll on the Crescent City Connection. I pay enough in taxes!! I will remember come voting time.

No tolls

It's almost like a penalty for living on the Westbank. I go to school and work out in New Orleans, and having to pay for a toll tag drains my already withering income. I have no problem with paying some taxes and fees to benefit the public good; but the toll money doesn't seem to go allocated towards any particular cause, besides lining the pockets of greedy politicians. Before you bring up the ferries, those have been around before the tolls. Other citizens of the greater NOLA area don't usually have to pay tolls. I feel lied to because the tolls were supposed to stop. End this now!


I feel it is unjust that the CCC is the ONLY toll bridge in LA. If tolls are kept on the CCC, then they should be installed on all bridges crossing the Mississippi River in LA. It is not right that the citizens of the Westbank of the Mississippi River in the Metro New Orleans area are the only state of LA. Citizens funding "ongoing projects."

In Sept of 1991 I purchased a toll tag. Since then my family and I have been penalized over $2,ooo.oo for using the GNO I call it a penalty because we could have easily settled in Metairie, where it would have been free to travel across. My family has contributed to the betterment of the west bank. My husband had a business and my sons-in-law do now also. I must say that since Katrina my property value has plummeted. I will stay only because I have to.

Gimme a break! Since 1961 - that's a long time!

We have paid for this bridge years ago. They lied and told the people that tolls would only last five years and they would be removed. They are a potential traffic hazard, and they cause traffic jams. We want the tolls removed NOW.

If the bridge has been paid for, then do what you promised and remove the tolls.

eliminate the tolls

It's a money grab, for some pet projects that have nothing to do with West Bank improvements. To add to our misery, the restriping, which leaves only 2 lanes going toward the West has caused traffic buildups worse than before.

The CCC tolls are a State Tax that is placed on the West Bank motorist. This tax is like the utility bill something you have to pay for. Let the ferry people take another form of public transportation the bus.

We are tired of being double taxed. We were promised that tolls would be removed, fulfill that promise. Listen to the people who pay the tolls not the few who ride the ferries, make them pay for that service, why should they ride FREE? The Gretna ferry is out of service more that it is working. How much has been spent on repairs and it is still broken down? Let the city of Gretna subsidize that ferry if they want it operating.

STOP THE TOLL. I've been living on the Westbank my whole life and we have not benefited from it whatsoever. NOT FAIR

Tired of paying for TOLL!!

Senior citizen shouldn't have to pay for TOLL. I'm tired of it.


Vote against the continued tolls.


We have paid more than our fair share for this bridge. Stop the tolls now.

In all fairness, we don't believe the people living on the Westbank should continue to pay to cross a bridge we've paid for when other bridges in the state do not have tolls.



I can understand the concept of placing tolls on the bridge to pay off the bonds associated with constructing the second span. With those bonds nearly paid off, I see no good reason to continue the tolls. It's an unfair tax on those of us who live on the West Bank but work on the East Bank.

We've paid for the bridge... why are we still paying and no one else in the state has to?

's presentation makes sense. Why should only Westbankers be assessed this tax? If another revenue stream is available to pick up secondary costs, then it should be used.

Tolls had a specific purpose--to pay for Bridge construction. We were promised they would be removed when bridge was paid for. Funding the ferries was never part of the deal.

The original stated purpose of the tolls was to pay for bridge construction. Westbankers protested that once tolls were approved, they would never be removed. We were promised tolls would never be used for other purposes, and they would end at completion of construction. Now we are being told that tolls are necessary to keep ferries running, and that if tolls stop, all the ferry traffic will have to use the bridge. This is political blackmail.

Too much money is wasted via corruption in government. The only way to end it is cut off the source of money.

Grossly unfair. We, the residents of the West Bank, not the State, paid for the CCC, per our agreement. The West Bank held up its end of the bargain, now its your turn. "STOP THE TOLLS"!!! If I have come on a little strong, I apologize, but I feel I have been lied to, cheated, and betrayed.

Lived on the West Bank the better part of my life. Still have many family members living there. Unfair that we still have to pay every time we cross.

Every time we want to travel to the east bank we have to pay tolls. It is not fair that we have the only toll bridge in the whole state. We were told in the beginning that the tolls would be lifted after so many years. Why are politicians taking advantage of the people on the westbank? Fair is fair. There should be a toll on every bridge crossing in the entire state if we are made to have to continue to pay tolls. Stop the stealing and apply the money where it was appropriated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QUIT THE TOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!


No more tolls on the CCC. It's not fair to the Westbank. Use the money for what it was told that it was for.. For once, stop being a politician and treat the working people correctly.

La politicians are known for lying about mileages etc. for a period of time, then the reasons change when they want to extend. For instance lottery/casino to help schools didn't happen. The tolls have paid for the bridges now give us a break!


enough is enough STOP the tolls

Bridge paid for = NO MORE TOLLS


I have been paying for this unfair tax imposed upon the west bank residents since the bridge has been built.

The Task Force was not supposed to recommend removing the tolls, only for the transition of removing them. I'm tired of being discriminated against & promises by our state government being broken. The bridge will be paid off this year, take the tolls off as scheduled. Governor Jindal, do what's right for the people of the Westbank that has endured the tolls & aggravation of waiting in lines for so many years, veto the decision if passed.

That dang bridge has done been paid for long time now and the tolls are going to a wasteful purpose.

The tolls cause nothing but traffic. If the city met their goal why not stop it.

It is time for the tolls to be removed. This was not the intent of the tolls. Paying for something that has been paid for over 20 years is a crime and even more of a crime when you think about where the original money came from...TAX PAYERS!!!

Have lived on the West Bank in New Orleans (Algiers) for the last 24 years and I strongly feel that it is time to end the tolls, as it has been paid for a long time, and it retards the growth and potential of West Bank New Orleans as well as the other tax paying communities on the West side of the river. If the tolls are continued, then I think that we should go forward with the plans to build another bridge where the Chalmette ferry is located to connect with I-510 and complete the "Dixie" highway!!

Now that the bridge is paid for in full, I would support the toll if funds were being used to improve the bridges functionality or the West bank's overall infrastructure, however, the traffic continues to worsen along with the condition of the streets. If the appropriate measures cannot be taken to reduce the traffic at the toll plaza than stop taking money from your residents and at least one problem will be resolved.

I'm Against the Tolls after expiring. If the money was managed incorrectly then hold those accountable. Take the money from them. Let them feel what I feel being 55 yrs old, my CAREER/job taken from me in this bad economy caused by Gov't officials in Washington & STATES going along with it and currently I have NOTHING. I used to make 40K to 100L per yr and can't find work. Disgusted with all Leaders/Politicians. I've had it! My life is in the drain all due to GREED, Corruption and FRAUD! No MORE TOLL FEES and No More Taxes! Understood?

Completely illegal. Enough is enough!

The bridge has been paid for and we don't need the make-believe bridge police, that's the job for the LA. State Police.

I pay every day to cross the CCC

Let's get rid of this GD unfair, abomination!! Or... get rid of the politicians who vote to extend tolls. You can POSSIBLY keep your job or keep the tolls - one or the other. It's that simple.

REMOVE THE TOLLS NOW! My family crosses this bridge on average 25-40 times a week if not more. It takes me anywhere from 30-70 minutes to commute 17 miles to work on any average day because of the traffic from the toll lanes. I've driven across the greater New Orleans Bridge before the CCC addition and can tell you it's slower now with tolls than before the addition when we had no tolls. Why should I have to deal with all the toll costs and traffic? Is it because I choose to live in the quiet community of Algiers instead of other parts of the city? OK why not add a toll for all the bridges crossing the Mississippi river? Imagine how much money could be collected in Baton Rouge!


Can a class action suit be filed if tolls are renewed?

The people of the Westbank should not have to continue to pay for the CCC bridge when no one else in the state has to pay to cross their bridges. The ferries should have to support themselves through tolls on the ferries and the State should pay for their operation just as they do for all other ferries in the state.

We have done more than our share by paying tolls for many years. The wasteful spending of our money cannot be overlooked. If toll revenue is needed, then stop tolls on the CCC and institute them on bridges and roadways in other parts of the state for a few years to be fair.

I should not be part of a select group forced to fund the New Orleans-area ferries when I do not ride them. If ferry service is worth continuing, it should be funded like the other ferries in the state. It's amusing that the small, vocal group of ferry supporters believes that CCC commuters should continue to pay for their ride.

I don't see how the money we are spending is helping with the bridge we are supposedly paying for. For all we know removing the toll could raise property values on the WB which would make up some of the difference of having no tolls at all. This is just another reason why people on the EB view the WB as another country.

The bridge is paid for and I do not want to continue to pay for others to ride free ferries. Government has enough money but wastes so much of what they have on pet projects that benefit few people. They just need to reorganize the spending priorities. I say NO to this form of continued income for the state from mostly the Westbankers of Jefferson Parish. Also, I'm tired of traffic snarls at the toll booths. Take them down, please.

Why are we still paying for this?

The Westbanker's have paid long enough; it's not fair that we would have to continue to pay. Will every bridge in Louisiana be set up for toll fee? Let's make it fair to all Louisianans.

It seems like business as usual. Government tells you one thing and then does not follow through. Enough is enough.

To much for too long!! . Increase the fares on the ferries to support the ferries!

I've been paying tolls since they began. The money was never used for what they promised. Enough is enough.

It's time to end the political trough.

I am sick and tired of paying tolls while the rest of the state coasts along toll free. They have been "stealing" our tolls for years. They have used the tolls for everything but what they were supposed to use them for. Let everyone in the state pay their fair share.

Return the money to the citizens who paid it.

Tolls create traffic problems when everyone has to wait before crossing. Someone ran into the back of our vehicle instead of stopping. There was no damage to either of us - thank goodness.

Stop the toll! The bridge is paid for


The bridge is paid for and the tolls have served their purpose. Please stop taxing me based on where I live when you have not only the GNO but the Huey P as an exit. The Huey P is not tolled, why should the GNO be?

It's not fair for the Westbank residents to be penalized because the toll money is not being managed properly. It just is not fair!





I've paid for the bridge too many times this must end

time of slavery is over.

Since 1955, my family has paid a toll on the bridge. When I started driving in 1963, I always paid a toll work on the Eastbank. Whenever I dated, same thing, pay a toll to reach the Eastbank. Of course, the ferry was also by toll as it is presently. Will we EVER not pay a toll? Seems like we Westbankers (born, raised, worked and even, retired) have been penalized. Isn't it about time the tolls are removed?

We've been paying these tolls for years now - don't you thinks we've lined enough pockets by now - this is one of the many reasons NOLA has such a bad name.

Either put tolls on all bridges or none

The tolls cause the biggest mess.

The tolls were only suppose to be put in place until they raised enough $ to pay off the bill for the bridge. I believe they probably made enough to pay off the bridge 4+ times. A lot of hard workers cross that bridge many times a day, 7 days a week. It is also the only bridge that crosses the Mississippi River that has a toll.

This is taxation without representation! This tax is unfair to people on the Westbank and New Orleans because there are no other Mississippi River crossings in La. that impose a toll. The bridge is paid for!

It was supposed to be until the bridge was paid for. We could have bought at least 10 bridges by now! It's time we stop paying


I think that it's stupid that our tolls to cross the bridge are supporting ferries that can't support themselves! Charge for the ferry users and not those that don't...and for those that like spending our money!

stop the tolls

Please stop the tolls. A unfair tax on the Westbank.

As a transplant to NOLA, I have used the CCC and GNO for over 20 years either as a way to commute to the Westbank when I lived uptown and now as a resident of the Westbank commuting to Metairie. I grew up in Virginia Beach during the 80's and there was a toll of $.10, which was finally retired after 20 years, so I understand how tolls work and their benefits. However, after 22 years, the bridge paid is certainly paid for, and there is enough money in the coffers to generate interest to keep the bridges maintained as well as provide a safe shelter for those waiting along the expressway. It's time to stop collection of the tolls and consider other avenues that will generate income to those that use it. There are those of us who have a toll tag, which lowers the cost of usage and supposedly expedites the crossing. I would counter the same concept could be used for those wishing to take the ferry. If it were made pedestrian only, only users could indeed pay a charge or purchase tickets that would allow for a reduced rate. We must look at viable, alternative ways and not just cling to the old ways because it has worked thus far.

The money they've collected has not been spent properly in the first place so why should "we" have to keep paying??? I'm just sayin"

I believe the tolls been there to long. Its time for them to go.

The C.C.C. is by far the most corrupt and overdone toll that is well past it's time. Not to mention how it stops up traffic for anyone needing to get from west bank to Nola or baton rouge and Northshore. I hate this toll and will do anything to put an end to this politician wallet padding nonsense.

Waste of time, money, and gas just as stated. It needs to stop.

Why are we still paying a toll that was promised to be removed upon final payment of construction cost? No more toll. Remove immediately.

To Rep. Bryan Adams: As a WEST BANK rep. we are looking forward to your helping your people get from under these fees that have never been under a 'public vote' for bridge tolls that only West Bankers pay and receive NOTHING in return. Toll money is used on projects having nothing to do with our Bridge (i.e. Hwy 1 bridge in Grand Isle). Please help us.

Every day of the week, I have to drive myself to Loyola University. It's bad enough that the cost of education increases every year, I have to spend money every day just to go to class. Not only that, I am always stuck in unnecessary traffic with hundreds of other motorists who are infuriated with the toll plaza. I understand that the tolls were needed to pay for the new bridge. However, it's already been paid off and more! I'm wasting my money, time, and gas everyday and I'm tired of it.

don't want em'. don't need em'. ain't gonna have em'.

It is Unfair that I have to pay tolls 2 & sometimes 4 times a day to get back and forth. Constantly being late for work.

I have been a resident of New Orleans for 25 years and have always opposed the toll bridge tax. The money has not reached any of the issues concerning rebuilding our city.

I feel that it is unfair to make one side of the river pay for the toll.

Please stop the tolls!! Our time and money is being wasted!!

I think they're stupid and we don't need them.

The Original vote was for 5 yrs that turned to 10 yrs. Vote NO on tolls. The local ferry boats cannot compete with the amount of traffic the bridges move. Rent the ferryboats for weddings/parties and tourist.

I live on the Westbank and this toll is absolutely, unequivocally UNFAIR and WRONG.

Stop The Tolls.

Quit lying to the public. We are getting pissed. And where is the raise for the teachers from casino taxes?

Keep the politicians honest! We agreed to have the tolls until they expire in 2013. That's the end date and we all need to insist they NOT be renewed. Fair is fair - - - we did our part and it's passed the time to end this madness!

I think we was have paid for the bridge yrs ago. You had two people that stole from the bridge but hasn't been in jail for what they did. You need to go after them to get that money and be satisfy. That bride is making to much money for every day, as for people losing their job. Well, people all over the world have lost their job that's nothing new..

I would like for the tolls to end.

I waste more money in gas to pay the dollar than paying the dollar. I sit in traffic breathing noxious car fumes coming off General DeGaulle as traffic bottlenecks at the toll gate. Stop the nonsense, all this car idling to put money wasted into politician pockets.

Its long over due for the toll to be removed.


stop now!

The tolls have been up for much longer than needed. I are we still paying for a bridge that was already paid for?

You are taking our money and instead of helping the city your just putting it in a corrupt politician's bank account. Pretty lights on the Superdome are not important. The people under the bridge are. We have been paying the tolls for about 2 decades and it has been long enough especially considering the fact that you can't fix a single pot hole.

I feel it is unfair to continue tolls in the CCC. Why does this bridge have tolls when other newer bridges have none? Why should we have to pay for continued costs?

Why tolls on bridges in the south east Louisiana only

During Mardi Gras, where was the Bridge Police? I work off on Causeway, and traffic was horrible returning to the Westbank due to parade goers exiting Tchoupitoulas blocking 2 passing lanes to get over to exit. (3 lanes blocked traffic from Metairie Road.) 3 lanes of Traffic was stop to turn at the last exit. Where was the Bridge Police, they could have made money by giving out tickets, or controlling the traffic so the Toll Payers can go home. It took me and my co-workers over 2 hours to get over the bridge. We pay our dues and we deserve the courtesy during Special Events. Waiting in traffic over two hours after a hard days work is ridiculous. The cars causing the traffic were from the East Bank, whom does not pay a dime.

The bridge is paid off. The CCC POLICE are incompetent and should be fired; La. State Pol. can do the job. The toll money was to be used for certain projects -- it never happened. Politicians will steal everything you give them -- the answer is not to give anything to them.

thank you for the work that you do!!

I work on the Westbank and live on Eastbank. I vote to stop the tolls!!

I've lived and/or worked on the Westbank my entire life. The tolls were supposed to have been removed by now. They need to stop.

It is something that NEEDS to go in the sake of losing money that can be used to help raise children! Think about the future generations! Think about the children!

Keep your promise! Remove cccd toll! Don't lie to us again!

With rising taxes and insurance and healthcare, enough is enough. Remove the tolls as promised

We have been paying tolls for too long for it to continue.

I pay for a toll tag because it is supposed to be quicker and more efficient yet while waiting 28 minutes backed up to Terry Pkwy I went through another lane to shave off about 2 minutes in wait time. Why?


I work downtown and I oppose ANY renewal of the tolls.

Put tolls on ALL bridges or remove tolls from the CCC. Collect fees to ride the ferry on both sides of the river; if they are still not self-supporting, then raise the fees. The cost of maintaining the ferries should not be tied to the CCC.

The toll set-up causes extra traffic in the mornings and causes accidents. The ferries should charge pedestrians and raise fees to help cover operating costs.

Have been paying tolls my whole life for crying out loud!! Am 57 so I remember when my parents paid, then I did, still do! Enough already!!

We have paid them for the allocated time. Enough is enough. Can something be done to resolve the horrible traffic? It is impossible to cross the bridge after 2:00 without having to sit through a great deal of traffic. It seems as if since they reduced the # of lanes by the dome to two. It has worsened.

stop the tolls.

It's not fair that we are still paying the tolls. Please take on consideration we live in hard times right now, we need a break.

It's not fair that we are still paying the tolls. Please take on consideration we live in hard times right now, we need a break.

This petition is right. The tolls were only created to pay for the bridge. We coulda paid for every bridge in America. It's a waste of us citizens time and money. We'd appreciate any help to make our lives easier.

I strongly believe the tolls are unfair to citizens of the Westbank

The toll is ridiculous and should be lifted, or give New Orleans residents a free pass with more toll tag booths.

It is time for the tolls to end. We have more than paid our fair share for this bridge.

We are tired of paying for tolls. STOP THE TOLLS.

I believe we have paid enough for the mismanagement and out of control spending of the CCC.

Enough is enough! Tolls need to end 12/2012.The traffic congestion and other reasons are valid for not having the tolls. I am tired of being the inconvenience.

If I understood correctly the funds from the tolls are needed to keep the ferries running too so, why is the Gretna ferry out of service more than in service? Seems like someone is not doing a very good job with OUR money. Also, anytime we put our hard earned dollars into any government, state, or city run programs there is no end to the spending.

The tolls are suppose to end at the end of this year. I am in favor of stopping the tolls.



Totally against the renewal. Its amazing that this is even being considered.

Stop making Westbank citizens pay the toll. If you want to make the tolls still active make the Eastbank pay tolls for 20 years. Another alternative is keep toll booths on Westbank but waive the fee for anyone from the Westbank and increase tolls for non west bankers and let the rest of the city suffer like us Westbankers have been since the bridge was built.

It's time for Politicians to KEEP their promises!!

CCCD cannot be trusted, they fooled us once in 1998 and we got nothing that was promised.


There has been too much waste of toll money, promises not kept; and, I have zero confidence in the DOTD handling future toll money. We really need better off ramps for Barataria & Manhattan. The ferries should not receive any toll money. The Gretna and Algiers ferries should be self-supporting or die because the CCC is very close and bus service is always available. The lower Algiers ferry should have support from the State.

The tolls were designated for one original purpose! Do not allow the corrupt politics to change that purpose because of financial gain realized, period!

Enough is Enough stop the TOLLS!!!

Not fair. I'm tired of paying.

Those who wish to continue the tolls must be plain crazy. Or, never use the CCC or, is somehow receiving remuneration from the crooks who previously wasted our hard earned money. Whatever their reasoning, it is totally unfair to us who have paid more than our share of toll taxes.

$80.00 went missing in my toll tag bank...why....can I ever get it back??? And they want to continue the tolls???? Why??? So more money can be stolen???? STOP THE TOLLS

I have been a Westbank resident for the past 29 years and would not mind paying tolls if we would have received what was promised. I live off of Barataria Blvd. and my commute to and from home every day is a nightmare. Traffic going to work in Metairie is awful with miles of long lines everyday...EVERYDAY! If the vehicles didn't have to stop at the booths the commute would be more pleasurable. I'm still waiting for the flyovers that were promised at Lafayette, Manhattan and Barataria.

As a Westbank resident for 45 years, I was proud of our bridge and happy to pay my tolls to help with my share of the costs. However, the time for tolls has passed. We have met our commitment and obligation to pay for the CCC. It's time to end the tolls and place us on equal footing with residents of the rest of the state who enjoy their roads without the additional toll tax that this will become.

I am tired of being unfairly taxed and want the tolls to be eliminated permanently. Thank you!

I have lived on the Westbank my entire life the tolls are an economic determent to attracting more businesses and residence to the Westbank.

It's gone on long enough!

Governor Jindal, You continue to express that ethics and no taxes is what you represent for Louisiana. Please hold true to your word in regard to allowing the sunset of the Crescent City Tolls. From what the DOTD has already misappropriated or stolen from the people of the Westbank, not only should lights and landscaping be handled by the DOTD, but also ferry services and at least a few of the elevated expressway improvement projects that were never delivered. Ethics are not just for individual legislators and bureaucrats, the collective body that makes up the laws should be held to that standard as a whole, as well. It is unethical for the DOTD to continue to extort money from the Westbank. It has come to attention that some business forces are still trying to renew the tolls by changing their previous vote to allow them to sunset. Do not allow this charade to be exploited against the will of the people. It is unethical for this legislative body to perpetuate this travesty of fairness. As the representative body of this state presents itself to the people, so it does under the approval of the entire state. It is unethical for the State of Louisiana to extort more money from this community. Please stand up, unequivocally, and express in uncertain terms that this collective government behavior must stop, immediately!!!! Anything less will only elevate disdain and cynicism toward out government. Give the deserving people of the Westbank a governor who sees fairness and is not afraid to do what is right. In fact, a full investigation of the Department of Transportation should be ordered. How many other projects in this state have been improperly administered over the years. Some elected officials come and go, but the bureaucrats continue to wield uncontrolled power. Do what is right, Governor Jindal. The people deserve to hear from you on this issue. Please respond!!!!!

If the tools on the CCC are extended, then all the bridges in Louisiana should be required to collect them. And if the ferries rely solely on the CCC tolls - find another entity to tax.

Tolls represent unfair taxation. We should not be burdened with this tax to maintain a self-serving bureaucracy. Additionally tolls impede the flow of traffic and cause traffic jams every morning as cars stop to pay tolls. Any representative supporting such unfair taxation should be recalled or voted out of office.

Please stop the tolls. This is so unfair

The tolls are causing traffic jams and accidents particularly everyday. It is a waste of time and money to cross a bridge to New Orleans

It's not right that Jefferson parish residents has to continue to pay tolls on a bridge that has been paid for a long time ago. It is not right that we have to continue to pay for expenses that all the surrounding residents benefit from, but not have to contribute to. I am tired of paying this.


The Westbank should be clean and immaculate as much money as we spend to cross the CCC. Look around I'm ashamed to say we live here!

Why do we have to pay tolls for this bridge and no one else in the state pays for theirs?

they need to end!

It's unfair and probably illegal to keep charging Westbank Residents to cross the bridge, considering they've been doing this for years, and it was supposed to be stopped years ago. What is the REAL reason that we're still paying tolls? Is it because the State can't manage it's money well, or is it just Jefferson Parish that is clueless????


I'm a business owner and I demand that the tolls be removed.

It's unfair to the citizens on the Westbank of New Orleans.

I feel it is unfair for only Westbank commuters to have to pay a toll to cross the bridge. There are other bridges, i.e. the Hale Boggs, the Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge where no tolls are collected. If those bridges can maintained by the State in some fashion, why not the Crescent City Connection? It is grossly unfair for one community to have to suffer tolls and not others.

I am an owner of several businesses in Jefferson parish. I support removal of tolls on the CCC.

West Bank Citizens have been paying tolls for the Crescent City Connection for over 50 years. When is it enough? It is a continuous stream of patronage for the politicians. Governor Jindal should keep his word and discontinue this unfair tax.

I've been saying for years that the tolls need to stop. I'm glad someone finally organized something for it.

It is grossly unfair that the only toll bridge across the Mississippi is here on the West Bank. I demand equal protection under the law. If the State extends the tolls on the CCCD bridge, they should begin charging tolls on every other Mississippi River bridge in Louisiana. The bridge is paid for. We kept our end of the bargain; now the State needs to keep its end of the deal by ending the tolls.

tired after 20 yrs of tolls , but the main thing is my money is being spent all over the place .

Haven't you pigs made enough off of our backs?

Stop the tolls in 2012 !!!

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