Jefferson Parish citizens pay the majority of the tolls on CCC

July 15, 2011 - Recently released revenue data provided by the DOTD shows that Jefferson Parish citizens pay the majority of the toll revenue on the CCC bridge.

CCC Tolltag revenue 2008-2011 by Parish
JEFFERSON 12,153,129 46%
ORLEANS 8,231,795 31%
LAFOURCHE 2,092,888 8%
PLAQUEMINES 889,283 3%
TERREBONNE 792,060 3%
SAINT TAMMANY 551,573 2%
LAFAYETTE 263,078 1%
SAINT MARY 245,909 1%
SAINT CHARLES 198,239 1%
SAINT BERNARD 191,675 1%
OTHER 886,513 3%
TOTAL 26,496,142 100%

The data provided by the DOTD, which listed detailed toll tag revenue broken down by toll tag account holder zip code from 2008 through the first 6 months of 2011, was then mapped by StopTheTolls.Org into parish totals using the zip code provided.

The resulting totals show that almost 1/2 (46%) of the toll revenue is paid by Jefferson Parish citizens. Less than 1/3 of toll revenue comes from Orleans Parish residents. Lafourche Parish residents pay about 1/12 of toll revenues.

Source: DOTD.

Note: Cash toll payments and toll violation revenue are not included in these figures. It is assumed that cash toll payments follow approximately the same percentages by parish as do the toll tag toll payments.

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