Our letter to the Jefferson Parish Council regarding the vote on the tolls:

Subject: Request for JP Council to contest results of CCCD referendum voting

From: Mike Teachworth

To: JohnYoung@jeffparish.net, ChrisRoberts@JeffParish.net, EltonLagasse@JeffParish.net, RickyTemplet@JeffParish.net, PaulJohnston@JeffParish.net, MarkSpears@JeffParish.net, BenZahn@JeffParish.net, CynthiaLeeSheng@JeffParish.net

Dear Jefferson Parish Councilmembers and President Young,

On behalf of the thousands of members of StopTheTolls.Org, I am requesting that the Jefferson Parish Council file litigation contesting the results of the CCCD referendum which was voted on in the Nov 6 presidential election.

If not reversed, this unfair bridge tax, over its 20 year duration, will take close to a quarter of a billion dollars out of the economy of Jefferson Parish. This is after Jefferson Parish has already paid in $200M for the CCC over the last 24 years, and while all other Mississippi River bridges in our state are fully funded by the state with no toll tax imposed on them.

As you know the CCCD referendum failed in Jefferson Parish but passed in Orleans Parish by a mere 16 votes which were counted by hand. In order to insure that no errors had occurred in this tabulation, we feel it is imperative that the Jefferson Parish Council file litigation in order to confirm the accuracy of the Orleans Parish vote and to protect its citizens.



Michael Teachworth

Director, StopTheTolls.Org

P.O. Box 2971

Harvey, LA 70059



Stop the tolls in 2012 !!!

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