Why We Oppose the Tolls:

1. The People of the Westbank paid to build the new CCC Bridge and have paid for 24 years to cross it. No other community in Louisiana had to pay to build their bridge AND had to pay to cross it.

2. The Westbank was promised the tolls would be removed when the bridge was paid for. That happened in 1998 -- yet the Westbank still pays tolls!!! The CCC is the only Mississippi River Bridge in the U.S. with a toll.

3. If the tolls get renewed again in 2012, the average Westbank commuter will pay over $5000 in tolls. Other citizens across Louisiana don't have to pay this unfair, discriminatory bridge tax.

4. The State of Louisiana pays for the maintenance and painting for ALL OTHER BRIDGES - except for the CCC whose maintenance and painting is paid for with tolls. How is that fair ? The Westbank pays taxes too!

5. The State of Louisiana pays for ALL OTHER FERRIES - except the New Orleans ferries which are paid for with tolls. How is that fair? The tolls force the entire Westbank to pay for free ferry service for a select few.

6. Tolls hurt Westbank businesses! Tolls hurt Westbank hotels, shopping, and restaurants! Tolls hurt housing values and real estate sales on the Westbank! Tolls have taken over $400 Million out of the Westbank economy!

7. The People of the Westbank have never been allowed to vote on the tolls! The tolls are taxation without representation that is forced on the Westbank by the tax-and-spend politicians in Baton Rouge.

8. Few of the road projects promised to the Westbank in return for tolls have even been started. And why is the Westbank the only community that has to pay tolls to get State-funded road projects? The Westbank already pays a HUGE amount of taxes into the State of Louisiana. We demand our fair share in return!

9. Millions in toll money have been wasted including paying $12 Million for an unneeded insurance policy on the CCC Bridge and almost $4 Million for office renovations at $650/sq ft. The tolling operation is so bloated and inefficient that it actually costs $1.35 to collect a $1 toll.

10. Why can't the Louisiana State Police manage the traffic and patrol the CCC bridges just like they do for all other bridges in Louisiana? Why aren't dedicated tow trucks on our bridge? We demand better traffic control!

11. Only 19 cents of every toll dollar collected is actually spent on our bridge! The rest of the money is taken from the people of the Westbank and spent on projects that have nothing to do with our bridge, including the Highway 1 Bridge in Grand Isle, and other "far-flung" projects..

12. Collecting the tolls causes massive traffic jams daily for thousands of Westbank residents wasting our time, burning expensive gasoline and polluting our environment. The gas wasted alone costs more than the toll itself.

13. If our State is so broke, then why aren't tolls on ALL the bridges in Louisiana? State Treasurer John Kennedy says the State can afford the $1.5 million/yr to maintain our bridge out of Louisiana's $25 BILLION budget. Remember: the CCC Bridges and Ferries were maintained just fine by the State for years before the tolls.

14. The Times-Picayune said "there is no good reason to renew the tolls." City Business said "it's time to do away with tolls. The non-partisan Bureau of Governmental Research said "a renewal of tolling would be a mistake."

15. STAND UP FOR THE WESTBANK!!! Help us stop these unfair tolls. We deserve better than this.

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