Traffic caused by the tolls and the costs associated with it...

Another objection against the tolls is that collecting the tolls causes massive traffic jams for thousands of Westbank commuters every single day, wasting our time and burning our gasoline.

A 15-minute wait every day to get thru the tollbooth costs you about $4.00 PER DAY according to a recently released study -- you don't see it but the traffic from tolls cost you a lot of money every month that you wouldn't be wasting if you weren't waiting to pay tolls.

tolls cause traffic

In addition, driving through the tollbooths onto the bridge is unsafe, especially since massive morning rush hour traffic is forced to merge from the 8 lanes coming through the tollbooths into 4 bridge lanes in a very short distance. If there were no tollbooths at all, this dangerous traffic maneuver would be totally eliminated, and the lanes from the Westbank expressway would smoothly flow onto the bridge and traffic would flow right up the bridge, as it should, with no slowdown at all.

Even more unsafe is when drivers entering the toll booths from the elevated Westbank expressway try to back up or switch toll booth lanes at the last minute – another safety hazard caused by toll collection.

Finally, the tolls make getting out of town in the event of a hurricane evacuation slow, unsafe, and inefficient for Westbankers.

Stop the tolls in 2012 !!!

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